Arduino - RFID Tag Reader/Manager

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Intro: Arduino - RFID Tag Reader/Manager

Manage your RFID tags with this simple and powerful app!

You can create systems to use your tags however you like!

Step 1: Materials

To this project, I have used an Arduino Nano and a RFID-RC522 module.

Nano V3.0 Mini USB ATmega328 -

Mifare RC522 Card Read Antenna RFID Reader IC Card Proximity Module -

Step 2: Conection

You need to connect the module with the Arduino

Module -> Arduino

3.3v -> 3.3v

RST -> Pin 05


MISO -> Pin 12

MOSI -> Pin 11

SCK -> Pin 13

SDA -> Pin 10

Step 3: The Sketch

I found this sketch on the web. You can use any sketch to send the tag key to serial.

Step 4: The App

The app is very simple. You only need to select the COM port and connect.

All data are saved in the entry folder.

Download the app on GitHub -

Have Fun!



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    4 Discussions


    1 year ago

    this looks very nice but when you download the application it is only source files. i have to compile this myself? you dont have an exe for it anywhere?

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    You can run the debug file directly, it's in


    3 years ago

    Sorry, the app is to Windows. It's open source. Made in C#. I will update this project.