Arduino Rc Car

All you need :

-Old rc car


-2 arduinos


-Transmitter and receiver 433mhz


-Joystick or Pc

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Step 1:

*Cutting motor wires

Step 2:

* Place arduino on the car also and batteries and breadboard with L293D and Receiver

Step 3:

Connect arduino with L293D and receiver and connect the power

On the picture are only few connections ...

Step 4: Last Step

Take other arduino connect your joystick and transmitter

Step 5:

In this video i control car using pc without joystick

Step 6: Download Code

You will need RCSwitch library you can download from this link :

with this arduino code you can control using joystick

If you need code to control using pc post comment or send me message.

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    2 years ago


    I need schematic connect l293d to arduino and motors. I don know what is this lvo1 and levo.