Arduino Robot Controll Via Voice Commands



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Human computer interface is type of study to make new technology easier to use for normal people, in this project I will guide step by step how to control a 3-wheeled robot via android mobile application, through voice commands.

Step 1: Requirments

Hardware requirements:

  • Arduino microcontroller x1 (e.g. UNO)
  • X-BEE HC-06 Bluetooth shield + module
  • Adafruit motor shield
  • 5v DC motors x2
  • 5v servo motor
  • Ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04

Software requirements:

  • Arduino IDE
  • MIT App inventor

Step 2: Software

Software is divided into 2 parts:

  • Arduino Code:
    • Required Libraries are:
      • NewPing: link
      • Arduino Servo library
      • SerialExtractor: link
    • Code: link for code
    • I have used simple numeric communication implementation between the Arduino and the android app, where the app will send command and microcontroller will interpret that message and do the required action accordingly.
  • Android Application:
    • The app was built with app inventor link for app
    • Project: uploaded file, import it to app inventor and check it
  • Commands:
    • Android: Arduino:
      • init_msg: "#"
      • forward: "1:-1#"
      • backward: "2:-1#"
      • stop: "5:-1#"
      • left:: "3:-1#"
      • right: "4:-1#"
    • Where the SimpleSerialExtractor will extract the numbers from the following message and submit them as integers to deal with,



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