Arduino Robot With Coil Gun / Gauss Gun Drone

Introduction: Arduino Robot With Coil Gun / Gauss Gun Drone

12V-220V inverter, 2*680uF capacitors, coil, laser sight, 2servo, 4mm projectile

If YOU want more info please write in comments.



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    Hi, could you send me the instructions.

    Please. Can you send me building instructions on

    Plz mail building instructions on my mail id

    Hey Eagle, could i get the info for building the tank with nrf-modules thanks

    Hi can you please send me the info about building this project? my email is Thank you so much!

    Hello EAGLE can you please send me the information I need to build this amazing thing?

    hello EAGLE i need information please post it ??

    Dude this thing is amazing you have to post a tutorial

    heyy good job. i want to build this . please can you send informations :)

    I have one of this sitting in my room. 6 500 uf caps @ 250v, bluetooth controlled, love it. What are you using as projectiles? Coil details?

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    Projectile is a 4x14mm cut of nail. Coil is very simple. I use tube for cocktails, for about 15 meters of 0.65mm wire (actually I dont know how many really. I take it from old transformer. I load 6 projectiles max in my gun. Unfortunately I have not got 3D printer to make quality parts for this project.