Arduino Robotic Arm - 3D Printed - With Grab

If you have a 3D printer then... you must try to build one of this robotic arm-grab toy!

The robotic arm can learn what to do on every start up. Use the potentiometers (one per servo) and the "teach" button and make your arm to grab.. everything!

In this tutorial you will find the part list, circuit schematic, Arduino code and of course 3D files of this amazing toy.

Visit this page for further updates:

Robotic arm in action:

Many thanks to daGHIZmo for the 3D printer files of EEZYbotARMLink:

Let's get started!

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Step 1: What You Will Need - Hardware

For this project you will need:

  • Arduino Pro Mini (5v version)
  • 4 micro servos FS90MG
  • 4 potentiometers (e.g. 5KOhm)
  • 2 push buttons
  • 1 on/off switchbuzzer
  • 1 DC power jack
  • Power adapter 5V - 2A

Tip: You can use any Arduino board!

Step 2: The Circuit

The connections are pretty easy, see the above image with the breadboard circuit schematic.

Servo Motors:

  • Servo for Grab movement to Arduino pin 6
  • Servo for Rotate movement to Arduino pin 5
  • Servo for Up/Down movement to Arduino pin 4
  • Servo for Forward/Backward movement to Arduino pin 3
  • All black cables to GNDAll red cables to Vcc - 5V


  • for Grab movement to Arduino pin A0
  • for Rotate movement to Arduino pin A1
  • for Up/Down movement to Arduino pin A2
  • for Forward/Backward movement to Arduino pin A3
  • All left pins to GND
  • All right pins to Vcc - 5V


  • Teach button to Arduino pin 7
  • Start button to Arduino pin 8


  • buzzer to arduino pin 9

Step 3: 3D Files and Assembly of the Robotic Arm

Here you will find all 3D - stl files for the EEZYbotARM.

As I said before, this amazing robotic arm designed by daGHIZmo.

He also wrote a step-by-step assembly guide that you can find here, at, just click here.

Step 4: The Code

If you want to disable the home position of your arm, just comment out the lines with "goHome();" command.

Note: You will need to change the min/max values for every servos to meet your setup.

Step 5: Well Done!

Great news! You have successfully complete this guide and now you have your own 3D printed Arduino Robotic Arm!

Move the arm in a position and press the teach button to save it. Make a path, when you are ready, press the start button to test it! If it succeed, you can repeat by pressing the start button! If you want to start from the beginning just power off/on the Arduino from switch.

I hope you liked this, let me know in the comments!

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