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Greetings. A few months ago i was bored. Incredibly Bored. And i had an urge to at least design a robot. These two factors and a article robot arms got me thinking: If i could design a really simple robot arm then anyone could!

This meant i spent a pleasant rainy afternoon just outside Glasgow designing and coding a robot arm. Of course, i haven't built it yet since i am exceptionally lazy and tight. If i have to buy new parts then ill wait for my Birthday to do it.

Anyway, a few months later, again bored i saw on the Instructables website a competition. And when thinking about what i could do, i was again reminded of my Drink Robot and My Robot Arm. I chose my Robot Arm as i was more impressed with the Arm. I signed into my Autodesk account and set to work after an hour or so i managed to simulate the basic electronics structure of the Project. The description has a full parts list and i hope to make an instructable on fully building it. But until then i have this a simple 'prototype' on For your viewing pleasure i have a few screenshots of my Build and you view the simulation here. I surely do hope you enjoy building it if you choose to do so and remember to tell us about your build in the comments!

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    3 years ago

    i implement this prototype but plz can any body tell me how can i implement it by using xbee in details


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I havent built it yet but ill try to add pictures of the basic components.


    5 years ago

    let's say you could also add some pictures here.