Arduino Sensor Gauntlet

Mission: Build a gauntlet with finger pressure sensors through Arduino configuration

Why: Solution to nerve damage in the left hand caused by Ganglion Cyst

What: Loss of feeling in hand/thumb causes a chain reaction of dropping whatever is held in that hand.

How: Arduino programmed with two sensors, one on the thumb and one on the middle finger, feeding back information to a vibration motor in the gauntlet. This should allow for acknowledgment that object is being held in hand successfully instead of resulting in dropping an item.

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Step 1: Materials: Arduino Uno

Arduino Uno

From Amazon

Step 2: Materials: Force Sensitve Resistor-Small and Male Connector

Force Sensitive Resistor - Small


  • Solder to the end of Force Sensitive Sensor to ease assembly

Step 3: Materials: Vibration Motor

Step 4: Resistor

Step 5: Breadboarding

Breadboard to see if sensors and Arduino will talk to each other.

  • Force Sensitive Sensor
    • 3.3V (Green wire in photo) to Force Sensor
    • A0 pin (Blue wire in photo) to Force Sensor Pin with 10K resistor
    • Ground Wire (blue in photo) to bread board
  • Vibration Motor
    • Ground (Blue Wire)
    • Pin 3 (Red Wire)
  • Can be powered by 9V Plug

Step 6: Code

/* FSR simple testing sketch.
Connect one end of FSR to power, the other end to Analog 0.

Then connect one end of a 10K resistor from Analog 0 to ground


int fsrPin = 0; // the FSR and 10K pulldown are connected to a0

int fsrReading; // the analog reading from the FSR resistor divider

int motorpin = 3; //pin for vibration motor

void setup(void){


pinMode(motorpin, OUTPUT);


void loop(void) {

fsrReading = analogRead(fsrPin);

Serial.print("Analog reading = ");

Serial.println(fsrReading); // the raw analog reading

int vspeed = map(fsrReading, 0,810, 0, 255)

;analogWrite(motorpin, vspeed);}/*

Step 7: Mobilize the Setup

Step 8: For the Gauntlet

I used leather to make the gauntlet, other materials can be used.

Leather I used

Step 9: Measure

  • Create a pattern for hand and forearm.
  • Trace on Bristol Board or other firm paper and cut out.

Step 10: Create Design

  • Draw desired pattern and tape to leather holding it secure
  • Use a tool to trace pattern onto leather and carve/bevel as desired.
  • Leather should be damp but not too wet before carving

Step 11: Assemble

  • Use cord to tie together
  • I used a leather whole punch to create holes
  • For a temporary hold, I used electric tape to hold the electronics in place. For a more permanent solution, I plan to leather strips sewn in for the electronics.
  • Force sensor is in thumb and vibration sensor is on top of hand

Step 12: Dye

I used leather dye to paint the design, only needed if desired.

Step 13: Test

Test to make sure everything works.

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