Arduino - Switching Light On/off With Mercury Switch Module KY-017

Introduction: Arduino - Switching Light On/off With Mercury Switch Module KY-017

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Hello World! I made another example for one of the Sensors from my arsenal :)

This time the Mercury Switch Module KY-017.

We are going to turn on and off a lamp with it, the code is very basic and easy to understand.

Follow the next step for the Schematic Code and Parts list!

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Step 1: Schematic Code & Parts List.

Just wire it up like the schematic and upload the code.

Parts List.

  1. Arduino Uno, I used the Robotdyn Uno as i always do. Until it breaks:) then i use a new one! lol
  2. 1 Channel relay KY-019
  3. Mercury Switch Module KY-017
  4. 1 Led of any color you want.
  5. Jumper wires MM/FF/FM
  6. Lamp socket + Lamp and power cable (optional to add to the relay)

Good luck!

Follow me for more! I will write codes and make schematics for all sensors i got.

About 40 sensors!

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