Arduino Temperature and Humidity on 7 Segment Display

Introduction: Arduino Temperature and Humidity on 7 Segment Display

This is a working device i made which displays temperature or humidity respectively by pressing a push button switch.

If the switch is pressed it displays humidity otherwise it displays temperature.

Step 1: INTRO

This device incorporates seven segment displays as output for the value of temperature and humidity to be displayed.

The two seven segment displays works on the principle of multiplexing which saves a lot of I/O pins on Arduino and a lot of coding time.

There is also a switch to choose if you want to view temperature or humidity according to your choice.

Step 2: Items Required

The items required are :-

1. 2 X 7 Segment Displays (COMMON ANODE)


3. 1 X DHT11 Humidity And Temperature Sensor

4. 1 X ARDUINO (UNO,Mega,Nano etc.)

5.1 X Perfboard/BreadBoard

Step 3: Circuit Diagram

Follow the circuit diagram as described in the image.

Step 4: CODE

Upload the code given to your Arduino and your device should work.

If any problems persists please message me or comment below.



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    could u plz upload the library for the above code????