Arduino Thermometer V1.0

Introduction: Arduino Thermometer V1.0

Hello everyone, I am back with another creation, which could be necessary in projects where you need to measure temperature. It's fun DIY. I hope you will like this instructable. This thermometer v1.0 and the next version will be published when it's ready. So subscribe and stay tuned.

Step 1: Materials Required

Here are the list of things you will need:

1. Arduino Uno or any other arduino boards

2. Green LED X 1

3. Orange LEDs X 2

4. Red LEDs X 2

5. Thermistor (I used 10k Thermistor)

6. 10k ohms resistor (I used 10k because by thermistor is 10k)

7. Some jumper wires

8. Breadboard

Step 2: Construction and Wiring

1. Place five LEDs as such in the image above with all cathodes connected to the negative rail.

2. Connect the negative rail to the Gnd and the positive rail to 5v.

3. Now place the thermistor in the board away from the LEDs.

4.Connect one lead of the thermistor to the positive rail.

5. Connect the other lead to the negative rail via 10k resistor. Connect the same lead to A0.

6. Wire up the LEDs as shown in the image.

Step 3: Coding

Upload the given code.

Step 4: Your Ready

Now your thermometer is ready. HAVE FUN.

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