Arduino Thermometer V2.0

Introduction: Arduino Thermometer V2.0

I am back with another version of my previous creation and that is arduino thermometer v2.0. It's much more fun when we can monitor the data with a phone than a computer with bluetooth and much more preferable clor for the temperatures with RGB LED.

Step 1: Materials Required

1. Arduino Uno


3. HC-05 bluetooth module

4. 10K thermistor

5. 10K resistor

6. 1K resistors X 3

7. Breadboard

8. Some jumper wires

Step 2: Construction and Wiring

1. Connect the positive rail to 5v and the negative rail to Gnd.

2. Place the thermistor. Connect one of it's lead to the 5v, and the other to Gnd via 10K resistor and to A0.

3. Place the RGB LED as shown.

4. Connect to Gnd via 1K resistor.

5. Connect RED to 11, Green to 10, Blue to 9.

6. Place the HC-05 Module as shown.

7. Connect Vcc to 5v and Gnd to Gnd.

8. Connect TXD to rx on the arduino.

9. Connect RXD to tx on arduino via 1K resistor and to ground through 1K resistor. [ Must look like the image above.]

Make sure to check all the images for better understanding.

Step 3: Coding and Connection

Upload the code given. Make sure that the wires connected to rx and tx are disconnected while uploading the code.

For connection to mobile, you need a serial monitor app. I used bluecore Serial monitor app.

Step 4: Enjoy

Now your thermometer is ready. Enjoy

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