Arduino Thermometer With Alarm Clock

Introduction: Arduino Thermometer With Alarm Clock

This is a simple project whith a lot to expand on. I don't have a 3d printer yet but i mesured and created suitable files for use on your 3d printer and also the code.

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Step 1:

Step 2: The Components

For this project you will need:

220 ohm resistor

Arduino Uno

400 pin Breadboard

Jumper Wires

An adsong DHT11 humidity and temperature sensor

6 5mm LEDs

a Piezo buzzer

a push button

a 100 k resisto

Step 3: Step 1

conect the pin 1 from the sensor to vcc (5 volts) end the fourth to ground. The second pin should be conected to A1 of the Arduino.

Step 4: Step 2: Creating the Termometer Interface.

place your 7 LEDs and the resistor with jumpers from the digital pins 3 to 9 of the Arduino.

if you have any doubts see the pictures.

Step 5: Adding the Alarm Clock Part:

conect the possitive pin of the buzzer to pin 11 and conect the negative to ground

connect a 100k resistor to ground and to the pin of the buton acordding to the pictures.

the other side of te buton shouol be connected to vcc.

Step 6: The Code:

The code and the 3d printing files are in this section.

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