Arduino Tone Generator With LED Display

Introduction: Arduino Tone Generator With LED Display

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Here is a simple Arduino project witch can be made with this DIY LED display and some other cheap parts.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Parts needed for this project:

(1) Arduino nano

(2) Tactile push buttons

(2) 10K ohm resisters

(2) 220 ohm resisters

(1) piezo speaker

(1) LED display(i used this DIY display)

24 AWG wire

Tools needed for this project:

USB cable

Wire cutters and strippers

Solderlis breadbord

Step 2: Building the Circuit and Coding

Build the circuit as in the photograph above(if you are using the the DIY LED display this may be a bit tricky).

The code:

Step 3: Using It!

The left button counts up(to nine) and the right button counts down.

Zero = no tone

One = low tone

Two = higher tone





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