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This project was made with 5mm LEDs and Led Mounting Hardware T1-3/4 Clear Standard to better visualization, and so using 3 LEDs for showing separately its colors Red, Yellow & Green respectively.

Step 1: Bill of Materials

What you will need:

1 5mm Red LED

1 5mm Yelow LED

1 5mm Green LED

3 Led Mounting Hardware T1-3/4 Clear Standard

1 Arduino Nano

1 Plastic enclosure of 3.2" X 1.6" x 0.8"

1 USB-A to USB-mini Cable

Soldering iron

Solder roll

Rotary drill

Drill bits of 1/4" & 1/2"

Step 2: Schematic

Look at the schematic so that you can do a good job. Check that you will have to connect Red LED to pin 2, Yellow LED to pin 7 and Green LED to pin 12 from Arduino nano respectively while connecting each other the cathodes of the LEDs and the common connection of those to GND.

Step 3: Beginning the Project

Use the drill bit of 1/4" so that you can form the front panel of your project by making three holes. You will also have to use the drill bit of 1/2" to make the hole where passing through the USB-A to USB-mini cable.

Step 4: Installing the LED Mounting Hardwares

Mount the LED Mounting Hardwares by inserting them in the 1/4" holes made previously.

Step 5: Installing the LEDs

Insert the LEDs into the LED Mounting Hardwares, and solder the cathodes each other of the LEDs.

Step 6: Placing the Arduino Nano

Place the Arduino nano inside your enclosure and plug in the USB-min connector. Next, insert in it the remaining terminals of the LEDs. Now, it's a good moment so that you can upload the code from webpage. Then go to:

Step 7: Join LEDs With Arduino Nano

Solder the the wires previously inserted in the Arduino nano and cut the excess.

Step 8: Enjoy Your Project

Close your plastic box by using the screws included in the own box and proceed to plug in it to the computer.



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    Something like this would also be good for timing conferences because you can program in time what you want.