Arduino Traffic Lights (ORIGINAL)




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  • Arduino Uno REV-3
  • 3 - Red - Yellow - & Green LED's
  • Variety Pack Of Balsa Wood
  • 800-Point Breadboard
  • Multi-Color Hookup Wire
  • Invisible Tape
  • Weller Soldering Iron
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Black Sharpie
  • Loctite Super Glue (Gel Control)

Step 1: Traffic Light Structure Framework

Traffic Light Structure

Take The Balsa Wood Pack And Cut Out Pieces As Shown In The Pictures. Use The Super Glue To Bond The Pieces Together. After You Glue Them Together, Use A Black Sharpie To Fill In A Square Area. Then Continue To The Next Step.

Step 2: Solder the LED's to the Framework

Soldering The LED's

The Next Step, Is Soldering The LED's. Use The Weller Soldering Iron To Bond The LED's To The Framework Of The Balsa Wood Structure. Once You Have Done This Move To The Next Step.

Step 3: Connect Your Wires to Arduino's PINS

Connect The PINS

Connect All Off The Hookup Wires To The Corresponding PINS On The Arduino Board As Shown In The Pictures And Continue To The Next Step.

Step 4: Program Your Arduino Board

Program Your Board

Now You Have To Program Your Arduino Board I Order For It To Operate Correctly. I Have Developed Some Code For You To Use On The Traffic Lights. I Plan To Upgrade It Soon To Include An AI For Motion Detecting. I Have Included The Code In The .INO File



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    6 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Many thanks for this Matthew, very complete project with both hardware and your (well commented) Arduino code.

    3 replies

    Hm.. this will be very nice for my model tranins, been looking for a nice way to add lights.

    If possible you could 3d print light post for them.

    I have recently been working on learning how to design 3D models so i would be glad to give it a try. Look on this page in the near future to see when ot is uploaded. Thanks


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I've never made traffic lights with an arduino. But I have made them with a PLC before. Your's turned out great!

    1 reply

    Thanks For Your Support, And I Encourage You To Add New Features To The Project As My Project Is A Creative Commons Attribution.