Arduino Tutorial - Servo Motor Control With Joystick

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In this tutorial, we will learn how to use servo with Joystick. We will control 1 pcs servo motor with 1 Joystick.

You can implement your robotic arm projects with reference to this tutorial. Of course we will use external battery / power when doing this. In the next tutorial, I'll show you how to control multiple servos control with Android Application via Bluetooth. Do not forget to subscribe. Thank you for your support.

Step 1: Hardware Required

Arduino Board

Servo Motor

Joystick Module



Step 2: Connections

The external battery VCC / GND connect to the breadboard.

- The Arduino GND connect to the breadboard's GND input

- The servo connections we use in this project are as follows;

* Orange Input - Signal Input

* Red Input - Power Input (VCC)

* Brown Input - Ground Input(GND)

- The Servo1 VCC and GND connect to the breadboard's VCC / GND inputs

- The Servo1 Signal connect to the Arduino Digital PWM 3

- The joystick connections we use in this project are as follows;

* The Joystick GND connect to the Arduino GND

*The Joystick VCC connect to the Arduino VCC

* The Joystick 'X' (in some modules 'H') connect to the Arduino Analog 0

* The Joystick 'Y' (in some modules 'V') connect to the Arduino Analog 1

* The Joystick 'SW' (switch or button) not connected.

About the Joystick Module:

2 x 5K Potentiometers for reading the X and Y position

1 x Normally Open Momentary Switch

Simple 5 pin +5Vcc - GND - VRx - VRy - SW

Step 3: Code

I did not share the code because it is short and it varies according to the number of servo.

You can write code by watching the tutorial. This is a better way to learn. I will continue to share long and complex codes.

Step 4: If I Was Helpful

First of all, I would like to thank you for reading this guide ! I hope it helps you.

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