Arduino UNO : How to Build an Obstacle Avoiding Robot (version 1.0) Using Ultrasonic Sensor

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Obscacle avoiding robot Ardudiy.

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Step 1: Arduino UNO : How to Build an Obstacle Avoiding Robot (version 1.0) Using Ultrasonic Sensor

Today we will be building a fully functional robot capable of moving around & avoiding obstacles in its path. The robot uses the ultrasonic distance sensor to measure the distance in front of it. When this distance reduces to a particular level, the robot interprets it to mean the presence of an obstacle in its path. When the robot detects an obstacle in its path, it stops, goes backward for a few centimetres, looks around (left ,right & straight) then turns towards the direction that shows more free space in front of it. As you are going to find out, building this impressive little robot is extremely fun and easy as it will take only a few hours to put everything together. After which you can use my program directly or modify it to implement the behavioural pattern you desire for the robot.
In this arduino project video, we are going to build an arduino robot that can avoid obstacles.

It is a fun project and a great learning experience, so without any further delay, let's get started!

Step 2: Required Components

Robot Chassis
Arduino Uno
Motor Shield
Ultrasonic Sensor
Mini Servo Motor
DC Motor & Wheel x2
Bracket for HC-SR04 :
Jumper wires : (M to F)

Step 3: Install ARDUINO Software

1) Open the new arduino IDE page
2) Delete everything on the page
3) Get the code from my AJ Technology page
4) Paste the empty arduino IDE page
5) First install the arduino library:
6) The AF_Motor arduino library
7) The NewPing Arduino library
8) Restart the IDE
9) Verify the program
10) When you verify, you will not see any errors
11) Upload the program

Step 4: Reference

Arduino UNO : How to build an obstacle avoiding robot (version 1.0) using ultrasonic sensor

You can see how to build the robot

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