Arduino UNO a CO-pilot(Auto-pilot)

Introduction: Arduino UNO a CO-pilot(Auto-pilot)

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Hello everyone here I am posting a small auto pilot system for RC fixed wing plane (Sky surfer V3)

since sky surfer v3 is powered glider we can use this auto-pilot system during the gliding or even when being powered. Before starting my idea of auto-pilot is not synchronizing the on-board computer(in this case arduino uno)

with GPS, magnetometer, Barometer and many more sensors. this is just coupling with 6-axis gyro, accelerometer and whenever this sensor is armed it takes care of the roll axis of the flight

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Step 1: Things Required

1. Sky surferv3(or any other fixed wing)

2. 6-ch radio tx, rx combination

3. LiPo 11.1V 2200mah(depends upon the ESC and motor used)

4. MPU 6050 acc+gyro (IMU)

5. Jumpers (M-M, M-F, F-F)

6. Header pins and female ports

7. Arduino UNO

8. Soldering Kit

9. Tools

Step 2: Placing the IMU

This is one of the crucial step in this build process, because the roll axis totally depends on the placement of the sensor.

So the IMU is placed on the center of the two CG where we try to balance the plane. I have also placed some vibration dampers to avoid axial(motor vibrations) which will affect the IMU values.

Headers and the female port are used in this step to fix the IMU on the fuselage.

Step 3: Circuit Diagram

In this circuit diagram the ch 6 output is given to the arduino uno to process weather to take commands from pilot or run in auto-pilot mode so ch 6 is auto-pilot switch.

Step 4: Program

The base program for this is taken from the Instructables "Gyro camera". here the x axis is begin read and values are passed to the servo(alieron)

The logic is, Arduino reads the ch 1 value and ch 6 value. here ch 1 is the alieron which is roll of the aircraft.

If ch 6 is high( the value of high postiom is 1980. then it runs the servo from the IMUif not it takes the pilot values.

So, ch 6 >1500

it is autopilot mode or else normal mode.

In the base program the x correction values are given as 27. this is changed according to the position of the IMU in the fuselage

Step 5: Integration

here comes the most painstaking job, doing lots of trail works and trail and error method.but comes lots of butterfly when it finally works out

Step 6: Flight

Wow, this is the final product, she so beautiful and very compramising

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