Arduino Uno Cat Xylophone




Introduction: Arduino Uno Cat Xylophone

This is a midi instrument that works when you tap the pieces of the cat's face.  It connects to your computer and plays through a MIDI program.

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Step 1: Materials

To make this project I used

-(5) piezo element 
-(5) 1M ohm resistors
-single core wire
-printed circuit board
-Arduino Uno
-USB cord

-canvas board
-art board

-soldering iron
-hot glue gut
-needle nose pliers
-precision screwdriver
-utility knife
-masking tape

Step 2: Free Piezo Elements From Their Housing

The first thing that I did was remove the piezo buzzers from their housing.  This can be difficult.  Be carful, but the piezo elements aren't as fragile as they seem.  I used needle nose pliers and a precision screwdriver to get the pieces out, but use almost any means necessary as this can be quite difficult.

Step 3: Housing

1. Drill five small holes for the wires to come out the top.
2. Drill a larger hole on the side for the USB cable to go through.
3. Paint the container.
4. Using an utility knife to cut out the pieces for the cat face out of the art board.  It takes several scores to get through this material so make sure you have several fresh blades.
5. After the paint dries stick the wires for the piezo buzzers through the holes on the top of the container.  Then tape them to the pieces of the cat face.
6. Paint the cat's face onto the pieces.
7. From the piece of art board, cut a back to the container that is the same size.  This is the back.  Then hot glue velcro onto both pieces to hold them together.

Step 4: Circuit

Step 5: Running Midi

I used a serial port program called hairless which you can find here:

make sure that the baud rate in the code matches up with the one in hairless.

Once you have everything set up correctly you should be able to play your midi cat in a program like garageband.  

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