Arduino Uno Controlled Traffic Lights (north American Style)




The Daily project: Making model traffic lights with arduino uno.

i bought the arduino only a  few days ago, and i am totally new to it, and was bored, so i thought i would try my hand a programing and wanted a set of traffic lights

so i made this and this tutorial.

Items needed

Bread board.
jumpers (4 or 6)
200ohm resistors (4 or 6)
2 green LED's
1 Red
2 Yellow.

Step 1: Hardware

So making the hardware necessary for this is very easy.

Take your bread board, put the red led on the far left with Cathode in the Negative rail of the board.
skip 3 rows
put Yellow led in with cathode in neg rail
Skip 3 rows
put green led in with cathode in neg rail
skip 3 rows
put the other green in with cathode in neg rail
skip 3 rows

put the final yellow led in with cathode in neg rail.

After you have done all that, you can start putting the resistors in.

The final result will look like that down there.

if you are making one with just 3 lights you need 4 jumpers, if your making it with the advanced green then you need 6.

Step 2:

Now to connect the jumpers.

put one from each of the resistors and one from the Neg rail to the arduino

Neg rail = GND pin on arduino
Red LED = pin 12
1st yellow LED = pin 10
1st green LED = pin 8
2nd green LED = pin 6
2nd yellow LED = pin 5

once its done, it should look like this

Step 3:

Now for the programing.

the code is in a file. it may come up as a different extention. if so just change it to .PDE

and there ya go, all done and it should be working, just upload it to your adruino, and your set!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    i am a very beginner to arduino.I have got an arduino mega can those projects did with uno can be done with mega also?

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