Arduino - Voice Controlled Robot (Bluetooth and Smartphone)

Introduction: Arduino - Voice Controlled Robot (Bluetooth and Smartphone)

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In this tutorial, we will make voice controlled robot with an Android application.

We will control the robot via Smartphone.

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Step 1: Hardware Required

- Arduino Board

- Motor Shield

- Bluetooth Module (HC06 or 05)

- DC Motor and Wheel x2

- Bovine wheel

- Wires and Breadboard

- Chassis

- Battery and Battery buckle

Step 2: Creating Chassis

- DC Motors attach to the chassis

- The Arduino board attach to the chassis

- Mini breadboard attach to the chassis

- Bovine wheel attach to the chassis

- Wheels attach to DC Motors

- Bluetooth module attach to mini breadboard

Step 3: Connections

- Bluetooth RX connect to the Arduino TX input

(***If you want to connect the connections in the exact and correct way, you need to divide the RX from the bluetooth module with two resistors, connecting the first 1K resistor to the Arduino TX and the second 2K resistor to GND.)

- Bluetooth TX connect to the Arduino RX input

- The Motor Shield attach to the Arduino board

- The Arduino GND connect to the Bluetooth module GND

- The Arduino +5V connect to the Bluetooth module VCC

- Left DC Motor connect to the Motor Shield M1 inputs

- Right DC Motor connect to the Motor Shield M2 inputs

- Battery buckle connect to the Motor Shield +V and GND

Step 4: Code and Application

- Get the Code: Arduino Code

- The Arduino board connect to the PC

- Open the Arduino New Sketch

- Copy and Paste the Code

- First you should add the library

- Get the AFMotor.h library: GitHub

- Servo.h library is standard library

- Don't Forget ! You should select your Port

- When you uploading, disconnect the Bluetooth connection

- Download and Install the Application:Google Play

- If you get a connection error, reset the Arduino and restart the application

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    9 Discussions


    Question 2 years ago

    where is the arduino code for this project?


    Question 2 years ago on Step 4

    Robot didn't move through the voice commands


    Answer 2 years ago

    can u some other motorsheild


    2 years ago

    hi! my project is voice controlled robot.actually my problem in that is everything is connected but if i give command to the robot it is not moving.

    can u pls give me a solution for my problem


    Question 2 years ago

    nothing is working neither buzzer light nor motor i did exact same thing i also added 1k and 2k resistor as mentioned in youtube video


    3 years ago

    can i use pulolu dual vnh motor driver instead of L293D MotorShield and use your same arduino code? if i have to change the things, what are they? your help will highly appreciated. !

    Shahid Khattak
    Shahid Khattak

    3 years ago

    Going to make it this weekend, Good tutorial, but the video is missing installation of Object avoidance module.