Arduino Warning Light

Introduction: Arduino Warning Light

Today we're going to make a warning light that can prevent you from being crushed by other while you're walking.



13 lines

4 resistances

1 ultrasonic sensor

1 box (with cover)

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Step 1: Circuit Diagram

Be careful! From D10 to D13 are red LEDs, and D2 and D3 are green LEDs

Step 2: Coding

Step 3: Packing Up

1. Cut a 12.5cm *7cm hole on the cover.

2. Find a board that is able to make light transmit through it.

3. Cut the board and cover it on the hole. (Suggestion: stick your board from inside, it will look better.)

4. Take the other part of your box and cut two holes on the side, it's for Ultrasonic sensor.

5. Cut another hole for your USB cable.

6. Put your Arduino inside and you are totally finished.

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