Arduino Webserver Control Lights, Relays, Servos, Etc...




Introduction: Arduino Webserver Control Lights, Relays, Servos, Etc...

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In this project using only an Arduino with an Ethernet shield.
I’ll be controlling one LED and a servo, but you can apply this method to control a DC motors, buzzers, relays, stepper motors, etc..


When you upload the the code provided in this tutorials. it creates a webserver in your LAN and you simply use the IP to access that webserver through your browser. After that it shows a webpage similar to that one below. When you press the button “Turn On LED” your url will change to: “” the arduino will read that information and It turns the LED On.

By default the IP is “″. That also can be found on the Arduino code provided.
The Webpage will look like the image on the attachments.

Check this Video tutorial below ! (Includes demonstration)

Step 1: Parts Required

  • 1x Arduino Uno
  • 1x Ethernet Shield (with Wiznet W5100 chip)
  • 1x 220 Ohm Resistor
  • 1x LED
  • 1x Micro Servo Motor
  • 1x Breadboard
  • Jumper Cables

Step 2: Schematics

Simply follow the schematics.

Step 3: Upload This Arduino Code Below:

Step 4: Final Step

It's done! If you didn't watch the youtube video yet, make sure you watch now. Not only to see the video demonstration, but you can also find more information that might help you finish this Instructable.

Now you can create your own webserver! 
And control any electronic device you desire.

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Question 6 months ago

What if that IP is already in use on some network? Is there any method to assign a dynamic IP and then detect that IP on through android/java/js(through any other language, on another machine)?

Dear Sir
many thanks for your valuable site
is there any simple project for one led web control using meag2560+enc28c60 Ethernet module knowing that i ha succeed to run two leds using arduino uno with the same Ethernet module but regarding mega2560 i was unable to find any simple project on the web unless using an ethernet module equipped with an SD card which i don't have for now.


hello sir
i connected to nudemcu and control it with routor network
but i want control it with 4g...
how i can do it?
thank you for nice code and nice guide:)


1 year ago

Great job, I just wondering once Arduino programed, is USB connection still needed or it can be controlled just by network cable over web?, thanks

Why It's not working???

i didn't work. I m using an ethernet module is it the same as ethernet shield?

Yeah, I made it.

Is it possible to add the LED light status on the website?

Many thanks!

1 reply

can u send me this project code to my mail

What the program does not need this project? The program will please anyone.

hey, very nice project !

can i do this with ENC28J60?

its basically has the same eternet function but i dont know which line code i should change to make this works, thanks in advance

Hi.. I have to add more buttons and readings on the page. I know there will no enough space in the arduino. How can I modify this code and host the page in SD card.

Hi, if we want to access the arduino over the internet, what we we have to do ?
thanks in advance

Do you need to be on the same Internet connection to use this?

2 replies

No you can use your home ip and foward ports to port 80 on the arduino

Super helpful, thank you!! I've always wondered how to control the MKR1000 from the web, this seems like a great way! Is it possible to put a login on Port 80 for security? Is that somewhere in my router settings?

i am controll home automation system though web kindly guide me how am done it?.how am create own web server and connected with them

i am controll home automation system though web kindly guide me how am done it?.how am create own web server and connected with them

Hello ,

I've copy your code but it doesn't work when i press on a button into the web page the url write myIP/?button1on but the arduino don't change the step of my LED .

What the problem ?

hi.... i have a problem respect to my ethernet shield arduino...when i conect to my notebook and assing a IP ......this board give me this messaje "server is at" i dont know how fix this problem .... can you give help? i from chile... this is my email