Arduino Wireless NRF24l01 Battery Voltage Monitor 5110 Screen and Low Battery Level Buzzer




Arduino Nrf240l01 battery voltage monitor wireless with arduino

Step 1: Materials

Required :

_ 2 arduino (uno , mini , mono pro ...)

_ 2 nrf24l01 + adapter board

_ wires

_ 2 piezzo , i used a tweeter for the transmiter on the drone

_ 5110 screen (i use the blue board one)

_ Voltage Module , you can do it yorself with 30k and 7.5k resistors

Step 2: Pinout & Sketch RX

RX Pinout

Nrf24lPinout on the picture (you can use 5v if you use board)

Buzzer (piezzo): pin 8;

5110 Screen : RST pin 2 , CE pin 3 , DC pin 4 , DIN pin 5 , CLK pin 6;

TX Pinout
Nrf24lPinout on the picture (you can use 5v if you use board)

Buzzer (piezzo): pin 7;

Voltage Module : pin A1 (personnaly i used the shematic and some line here

Step 3: How It Work ?

_The arduino will beep at the start for different init phase (Both TX and RX)

_RX screen will print Starting...

_RX will beep at start if it not finding the TX , once fine the RX found the TX it will print RX OK every time it receive data from TX

you can use serial to see detail on TX , if the data was send and received the TX part will print received with the voltage value

If you want to Buzzer beep at different value you can modify them on sketch (Both TX and RX need to be change )

If voltmeter value are not accurate you also modify to fit your value

Step 4: Done !

If you follow those step , you should do it easely , i wasted 2 afternoon to make my sketch and arduino working and communicating with that i wanted

Tutorial/sketch base used to make my sketch

You should be able to add some stuffs (more sensors values) as the TX pin are not fully use , 7 Digital pin are still free for use

So good luck and have fun making stuff :)



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    Question 11 months ago

    I want to do this application with 0.96 "oled screen.

    How will I do


    1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing :)