Arduino Wireless Power POV Word Clock

I have made this little gadget for the clock contest.The basic is my previous POV published here.

Step 1: Materials:

3 -5 V DC motor, Arduino pro mini 5V 16Mhz, RTC module with backup battery, IR LED and phototransistor, LED-s, resistors, some copper wire, a piece of coaxial cable, a piece of scrap PCB.

Step 2: Just Do It...

This gadget based on my previous project which is well described. I put pictures here because I think one picture tells more than hundreds of words.

Step 3: The Display

Step 4: RTC Module

Step 5: Photo Elements

Step 6: Coils

Step 7: Final Result

Step 8: Arduino Program



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    4 Discussions

    That is some intricate work. I'm very impressed you must have some good steady hands. How did you manage to make such a beautiful flat coil?

    1 reply

    3 months ago

    this looks like a nice clock
    but a scematic would be nice
    and maybe some explainations

    1 reply