Arduino: Working With Two LED's at Alternate Timings

Hi Guys. Here I will show you a small project I made. Its very easy and it is foolproof!!

Cheers Guys

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Step 1: Collect Your Materials

First you need to collect your matireals. This project requires almost no items. Here is the list of what is required:


Arduino Uno/ Mega/ Leonardo/Due/Yún/Zero/Mega ADK/Ethernet/Mega 2560

Cables (to connect Arduino to Breadboard)

Two LED Lights

Step 2: Plug in Arduino to Computer

Plug in your Arduino to the computer using the USB cable that you got with the Arduino.

Step 3: Enter Your Coding

In this case I will be pluging in my led in PIN number 11,10 because they are both analog PINS. You can see my Schematic diagram above.

You need to download the sketch that I made or You will need to copy from the pictures.


Step 4: Connect Your Breadboard

This is a crucial bit because if you go wrong all of this is waste. Using the schematic diagram above try connecting all LEDs and wire to build it. Go on. No preasure.

Step 5: Place Your Code

Now for another important step. Upload your code and wait for it to work.

Step 6: Optional: Build a Cover for Your Master Piece.

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