Arduino Zero DAC Overview and Waveform Generator Example




In this Instructable we take a look at the digital to analog converter (DAC) on the Arduino Zero. We will look at a simple example how to use the DAC and then we will look at a more complex example that turns the DAC into a pseudo waveform generator. You can find the code from this Instructable at my blog

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Theres is something very strange in your code, although it works, what you do in the while loop, is to start the timer again and again in the clock speed(because its in the loop function), without any sync with the interrupt.

    It means that you actually fires tones of interrupts in the while loop, before the previous ones even counter(because this while is in the speed of the processor).

    I dont get this, how this even works ?


    3 years ago

    Very thorough explanation of DAC! Have you done or considered doing any tutorials for PWM audio for boards with no DAC onboard? Might help people with Arduino UNOs