Arduino, IFTTT and Telegram

Arduino sends a simple command throgh serial port then the pyscript act as server for services like IFTTT or Telegram

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Step 1: IFTTT

You may want to register a IFTTT account at

On IFTTT you must activate Maker and iOS Notification (or similar) channels. When Maker is active you have a key!

When IFTTT is active you have to create a receipe similar to the one I already created

Step 2: Telegram

You have to create a bot, more documentation at

The simplest process is:

  • add @BotFather
  • write him /newbot and follow the instruction
  • get the API key

Step 3: We're Ready

Now connect Arduino to a USB port of your computer, open IDE and get the name of serial port (something like /dev/tty.usbmodem314)

Download file attached!

open from the file you downloaded, write the correct keys and change the messages!

Complete the easy circuit, load Arduino.ino to your board and finally run python

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