Arduino Based Clock

Introduction: Arduino Based Clock


in this instructable i will show you how i made my arduino 7-segment clock with shift registers and RTC(real time clock). i will include all test code and final code and eagle schematic and board design

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Step 1: Inspiration

to make this clock i was inspired by a Arduino clock i made about a half year ago that used multiplexing to run the segments

but some of the leds is on for some milliseconds when it should have been on because of the multiplexing and i cant figure why, so i decided to make one with individual segments and shift registers

Step 2: How I Started on It

i started making 2 7-segments on breadboard and then added more segments to i got to 6 7-segments

and it started as a counter that counted how many second that had gone since last reset of the Arduino

then i got the idea to intergrate the RTC with it to display time

Step 3: Prototype

then i came up with this prototype. after i made this prototype i started to design it in eagle

Step 4: Eagle Drawing

i designed the prototype i eagle first the schematic, then i placed the components where i wanted them on the board and used the auto route function in eagle to draw the connections

i added the eagle files in a zip file

Step 5: Getting the Pcb From Manufacturer

i got the pcb from the manufacturer in about 1 and a half week

Step 6: Soldering Time

i started soldering the resistors on the pcb with those under the 7 segments and then the row under.

then i soldered the ic holders in, and the resonator, and last the 4 female pins for the RTC and then the power wires, the power wire is a 3 meter usb cable where the plug is cut off.

last i put the shift registeres in and an pre programmed atmega328 chip

Step 7: Finish

i am very happy about how it came out, and i might be making one with red 7 segments soon
the Arduino code is attached to this step

i made one with only 4 digit and in red for my mother

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    5 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Clock without correction and control buttons - not a good implementation of the project.


    5 years ago

    Rigard feel free to use any parts of my code you would like.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I'm after the same thing but instead of a clock I need a stopwatch, don't supose you've seen anything like it have you.. Thanks


    6 years ago on Introduction

    very cool,

    where you ordered the prototype pcb?