Arduino Battery Pack Version 0.1V

Introduction: Arduino Battery Pack Version 0.1V

This is my first arduino Instructable. Here I will use a cordless phones rechargeable battery to power a Boarduino (arduino clone). They battery is rated 3.6V at 600mAh. Incredibly it powered the arduino greatly!!

Step 1: Preparation

THE materials:

A boarduino (or arduino)

A coodless phone

Acuple of wires

The first step:
since the Boarduino does not have a build in 5v regulator, I had to give it a voltage from 4.5v to 5.0v in order to not feed it 9v or anything higher.

I was looking at some stuff and I found a old phone with a 3.6v battery, I charged it and deceited to giver it a try. Turned out that it worked!!

NOTE: You need a cordless phone battery fully charged in order to make this work right and last longer....

Step 2: The Board and Battery

Second, get the 2 wires and try to poke them into the breadboard.

Step 3: Connect to the Battery

Now try to connect the other side of the two wires to the battery connector. BE careful!!!! watch out for polarity!!!!In regular battery's the red is the positive and the black is ground or negative.

Finally the led blink program started in the arduino!




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    For an atmega168 running at 16MHz you'll need a >4.5V input for stable operation. You can get away with 3.6V but don't be surprised if it crashes at times. Your options to get it stable are to either a) use a step-up converter from 3.6v to 5v or b) replace the crystal with an 8MHz one.

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    48/88/168 and 328 all share the same processor core. They only differ in memory size and a few added features. Voltage requirements are the same.

    hi  i will need the adress to get an arduino

    Could 2 packs be used (7.2)? 1 1/2 packs (5.4)? Fortunately, I have some brand new BT-1008 cells (used in some Uniden phone) that are rated at 2.4 v. Connected in series, 4.8 seems really good. 800mAh NiMH. My Arduino should arrive by 5PM today so I'll give it a try.

    I don't understand most of what is typed here. Use a spellchecker next time please.

    Your grammar and spelling are terrible, which makes it hard to take your "intractable" seriously

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    I know my grammar is bad, but most of the times it is because of my typing. This is my first Instructable but thank you for your comment.