Arduino Controlled Fox-Away

About: Hi, my name is Mike and I am from London, England. I really like to make things and in particular like to do creative things with Arduinos and electronics. Other hobbies include astrophotography and sailing....

After having trouble with foxes scavenging my bins and crapping all over my patio I decided enough was enough and i was going to make something to scare the foxes away.

Using a parallax IR sensor, an Arduino microprocessor board and a servo, I built this device that does the job.

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    A few bright flashing LEDs and a simple noise making circuit might add to the deterrent effect ;-)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Great Idea,
    I've been looking for someone to help me with a similar type of project.
    I got a duemilanove, a heat sensor array, switch, wires, breadboard...and am trying to get a small motor to turn on when an object with a temperature of 85-95 degrees F is within range.
    Now that I have the parts, I am having trouble finding out just how to put them together and am afraid of frying it by experimenting.
    Your fox-away is the closest I have come to finding an similar set up.
    Would you consider helping a total arduino newbie to figure it out?


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea! Thanks. We've got a deer problem--I was going to use a microprocessor with an infrared sensor starting a barking dog recording, but something flapping is better and less noisy.

    1 reply

    Indeed. That was one of the factors in making mine as I didn't want it to wake the neighbours (or me for that matter) in the middle of the night.