Arduino Easy Temperature Sensor

Introduction: Arduino Easy Temperature Sensor

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Hello on this Instructable i will be showing you how to make and program a quick and easy temperature precision sensor using Arduino UNO.

For this project you will need little or no experience since its very easy and quick to make.

If you have any question ask and ill be able to help. Thank you!!

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Step 1: Materials

This are the things we will be using to make our temperature sensor:

1. Computer

2.Arduino UNO Microcontroller

3. Solderless breadboard

4. USB cable

5. TMP36 precision temperature sensor

6. 5x Premium Jumper wires

If you dont have any of these materials you can buy them at your local electronics store or at Radioshack.

Step 2: Breadboard Layout

For this project i am going to use a small solderless breadboard.

The first thing we have to do is to connect ground and the 5 volts connector from our Aduino to the breadboard.

The next thing we are going to do is connect the TMP36 sensor on pins 5, 6, 7.

Step 3: Creating the Program

This is going to be the program that will be monitoring our temperature:

int temperaturePin= 0;

void setup()



Void loop()


float temperature = getVoltage(temperaturePin);

temperature = (temperature - .5)*100;




float getVoltage(int Pin){

return (analogRead(Pin)*.004882814);


Step 4: Get the Temperature

To see our temperature we are going to open our IDE and run the program on the arduino.

On the superior right corner theres a little button that looks like a magnifiying glass, we are going to click it and our temperature will be displayed there every (2000 miliseconds = 2 seconds).

Step 5: The Final Step

Well our temperature sensor worked well but "does it have to be connected to the computer?" the answer is "NO" you could add a portable power supply and a LCD display to monitor your temperature anywhere you want.

Thank you for watching this instructable i hope it works for you and you enjoy it, if you have any questions just ask ill be able to help you.

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    hello can i ask something?, what are the possible things that are usually use with the temperature precision using that arduino