Arduino Light Show

Introduction: Arduino Light Show

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Leds are always fun to use in normal circuits but are even more fun to use with arduino. This tutorial shows you how to make a simple led light show with a

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Step 1: Materials

Here are the materials you will need:


Arduino board

Jumper wires

6 Leds(I used red)

6 1k ohm resistors(you can use 10k if you want it dimmer)



Arduino programming enviorment

Step 2: The Circuit

Follow the circuit as in the picture. Sorry if its messy.(I don't use fritzing much)

Step 3: The Code

Copy and paste this code into your arduino programming environment and upload it into the arduino board:

/* LED light show!!*/

const int a = 2;

const int b = 4;

const int c = 7;

const int d = 8;

const int e = 12;

const int f = 13;

void setup(){

pinMode(a, OUTPUT);

pinMode(b, OUTPUT);

pinMode(c, OUTPUT);

pinMode(d, OUTPUT);

pinMode(e, OUTPUT);

pinMode(f, OUTPUT);


void loop(){

digitalWrite(a, HIGH);

digitalWrite(f, HIGH);


digitalWrite(a, LOW);

digitalWrite(f, LOW);

digitalWrite(b, HIGH);

digitalWrite(e, HIGH);


digitalWrite(b, LOW);

digitalWrite(e, LOW);

digitalWrite(c, HIGH);

digitalWrite(d, HIGH);


digitalWrite(c, LOW);

digitalWrite(d, LOW);


Step 4: Done

If you made it to this step it means that you are done. Congratulations. power up the arduino board and watch a light show happen.

Step 5: Further Expansion

You are completely free to edit the code or the hardware for this instructable. Maybe if you were using an arduino mega you could add more leds or make the leds blink in a different pattern. There are many possibilities. Thanks for reading!

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    4 years ago

    this is pretty much what i have been looking for and great instructable, do you know how i can make the leds interact with music or keep in time with the light show