Arduino Project Done Using Matlab-Simulink.

Introduction: Arduino Project Done Using Matlab-Simulink.

About: Mechatronics engineering 09, University of Jordan.
In this project I will make an interfacing with Matlab-Simulink using Arduino to build a control system, instead of using the conventional ID of Arduino, and this can be done via a special library MathWorks build it to this aim.

This method depends on the main blocks of the Simulink libraries, and there is no need to use the manual programming to build the control system.

To summaries the main idea of this interfacing, I built a mini control system, using Arduino, Simulink and electronics devices.
The project in short, is a control system to control the van speed in a room according to the number of people inside, using an IR sensor maintained on the entrance of the room to detect one person at each crossing, and the system control the van speed on three levels as below:

Level 1 (min): (0-3) person.
Level 2: (4-6) person.
Level 3 (max): (7-9) person.

Enjoy :)



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    Machallah Mohammad, Great idea.

    You can get in touch with the owner of this wesite, he can help you.

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