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Introduction: Arduino Recycle Bin

This Instructable will show you how to make a recycle bin with the Arduino. Put your hand in front of the bin and it opens itself!

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need:

- An Arduino Uno

- A Servo

- An Ultrasonic Sensor

- A (wooden) box, that serves as the recycle bin

- Hinges

Other tools you might need:

- A drill

- Some screws

- Various Wires

- A breadboard

Step 2: Make the Box

I made a wooden box with a laser cutter. I used to design the box. It's a very easy website, just fill in how big you want the box to be and press generate.

If you make one with the laser cutter make sure to modify the top like I did. if the top (lid) isn't flat it won't be able to open.

If you don't have a laser cutter or you can't use it, you can always make a (wooden) box yourself!

Step 3: Print the Arduino Case (optional)

I printed an Arduino case so the Arduino won't get damaged inside the bin. I added the files so you can print them if you want. I got the files from this Thingiverse project:

Step 4: Code + Setup

Now, for this to work you need to have the code. Connect your Arduino to the computer and install the code below on it.

When this is done you have to connect all the wires to the right places. Just to clarify things, I'll write down what goes where:

Ultrasonic Sensor:

- VCC goes to 5V

- GND goes to ground

- Trig goes to port 8

- Echo goes to port 9


- Brown wire goes to ground

- Red wire goes to 5V

- Yellow wire goes to port 10

For the Arduino to turn on you'll need a battery or the usb connector to the computer.

Step 5: Completing the Bin

Now for our last part, making the bin so that it actually opens. We have the box and we have the Arduino all set up.

I put the Arduino and all the wires inside the bin at the bottom. Now for the Ultrasonic sensor I made two holes at the front so it fits right in. As for the Servo, I screwed it to the box just in the right place so the lid will open when you activate it.

But of course the lid won't open itself. I used two small hinges so the lid can open and close.

If you've done all this your recycle bin is ready to go!

Step 6: Example of Finished Product

In this video you can see how the bin actually works. I made this for a school project, that's why the bin is so small. Feel free to make a bigger one! Any questions? Let me know!

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