Arduino Robot Arm

This is my arduino robot arm. It is made out of aluminium plates. I used 5 servo motors.  The arm can lift around  50g.  Motors are powered with 5V  and each motor draw around 1A of current, but my power supply was 15V. So  I made simple circuit out of  five 7805 regulators. It isnt the best way to  lower the voltage but it works.  
Control box consists  an LCD display, 3 buttons, 4 potentiometers, 5 LEDs and  ON/OFF switch.   All components are connected to the circuit inside the box.  The circuit is made out of 3 microcontroller - 2 atmega8 and and 1 arduino.  I could  use only arduino to control the  robot, but I wanted to make a system of three microcontrollers all connected together.  
LCD display serves as menu.  You can choose  7 differrent programs or manual control with potentiometers. When you chose manual control, LCD will display position of each servo.



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    2 years ago

    can u send code for this plzz @


    3 years ago

    arduino code for this robotic arm plz. !


    4 years ago

    Thanks! :)

    Yes I did. My father has a small company and we have CNC machines. I was working there during the summer so I know how to use them. I draw all the parts in Solid Works and then I used the Mastercam to generate gcode.