Arduino Software/hardware Pong Game

Introduction: Arduino Software/hardware Pong Game

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As we know well the traditional pong game...which contain one or two plates and bouncing ball,
this plate is controlled from mouse or keyboard or a remote control...But how about controlling it using our hands o.O ?

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Step 1: Needed Hardware:

1) Arduino Board

2) Ultra Sonic Sensor, I am using HC-SR04. x 2

3) wires

plug VCC and GND to 5V and Ground pins respectively

the ping and echo as in source code comments.

Step 2: Needed Software:

1) Processing IDE

2) Arduino IDE

Here i uploaded the arduino source code & the processing source code, any modification and enhancement will be so welcomed.

the arduino code is .ino

the processing code is .pde

Step 3: Test It :)

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