Arduino With 4x20 LCD and LCD Smartie Over USB

Introduction: Arduino With 4x20 LCD and LCD Smartie Over USB

Here's an Arduino connected to a 4x20 HD44780 display, enclosed in 8"x4 1/2" Lexan.

I used a modified version of the LCD arduino library and hacked the LCD Smartie Sketch using Orbital Matrix commands.

LCD Smartie is running the BigNum plugins. It shows Facebook news feeds, BBC Headlines, a Clock, local Weather and my Folding at home status (team 144824) among other things.

This was a fun project, not too much soldering and had a high reward vs time invested. For more see my site




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    can you share the sketch?

    Hi Frollard. I'm using USB to Serial, with 4 pins. I implemented the 8 pins at first but it was an easy switch then to 4 using the tutorial. It's running at 19200 baud. I didn't notice any difference between 8 bits and 4 other than using less pins. Hope that helps, -fs

    Wiring? I'm really looking for fun projects for my arduino(s), and an lcd seems like a good start. Any recommendations on hookups etc? Are you using serial, 4 bit or 8 bit parallel? Do higher parallel bits mean higher bandwidth? (And faster screen updates)