Arduino/Processing: Motion Graphics and Lights React to Audio




The very first time I picked up an Arduino was Christmas of 2011 and loved its simplicity. I foun...

Took awhile to capture what I wanted, but it was worth it.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    A very fantastic worthwhile project. A welcome step forward from 1 flashing LED. Well done and keep up the good work!!!

    Wooah, now thats cool! Are you using a visuals library or something. And hey, a step by step instructable with some background information about the project will be a great way to help others do similar projects!

    I can only look forward to next creations :D

    2 replies

    I am just using the openGL library for the 3D graphics. The audio is used with a the Minim library. Ill definitely post a step by step of this in my 7th or 8th tutorial.