Are You a LaTeX Fetishist? Creating a Shirt With LaTeX and Lumi Inkodye




The second Lumi instructable from dingfabrik was created with the amazing free typesetting software LaTeX (see for more information)

I used the following source code to create the PDF with the "LaTeX fetishist" sign:


\textcolor{white}{\LaTeX \\ fetishist}


It generates a really small document, only 1,5cm x 1cm. The size really does not matter at all as we can tell Adobe Acrobat reader to fit it to the page we print on.

Again you should use an Inkjet here, both photos show that a little sunlight came through the stacked transparencies (as with the lemmings from the other tutorial I used two or even three stacked prints)

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Just a suggestion but each Instructable should be complete and not simply explain that there are other instructions somewhere else that fully more explain what the materials and instructions are.