Are Your Sensitive Files Really Safe on Your Computer.


Introduction: Are Your Sensitive Files Really Safe on Your Computer.

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How to hide your sensitive files behind a picture.

Step 1: Materials(Basically Some Softwares)


download here

2.) A folder containing a lots of random images.(WHERE WE WILL HIDE OUR FILES)

Using these we are going to hide our sensitive files behind an image.

Step 2: Locking Your Files in .zip Archive

Download and install WinRar archiver

Collect all your sensitive files in a folder Now right click on your folder and select "Add to archive option"

Now enter an archive name and select zip format

Now navigate to advance option and click on Set password.

Select a password ad click on Ok.

After setting password click on Ok.

Now you got your final Archive(For me it's

But even when archive is locked it's password can be cracked using bruteforcing.

So we will hide our archive behind a picture.

Step 3: The Interesting Step Hiding the File Behind a Picture.

Open notepad and type the following:-

@echo off

copy /b *.jpg + *.zip 1234.jpg

pause >nul

Now save it as anything.bat

Copy your .zip file created earlier, anything.bat and a picture (behind which we will hide our archive) in a New folder.

Run the anything.bat file.

You will get a 1234.jpg picture.

Bingo your archive is hidden behind the picture Move this picture (1234.jpg) to a folder where a lot of pictures are present.

Step 4: How to Access Your Files Back.

Right click on the picture(1234.jpg) behind which you hid your files.

Navigate to Open with >WinRar archiver

You can see your files.



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