Argon Tano, Jedi Padawan

This costume was custom created for my six year old son. He is a HUGE Star Wars fan, every year since he was 3, he has been a different SW character, Luke Skywalker, Young Boba Fett, Starkiller. This year he wanted a custom costume, and being the can-do mom I agreed- he decided he wanted to be a Togruta Jedi. The inner and outer tunics are fairly easy to make, the tabards and obi, also pretty easy. His belt is a single leather piece with adjustment holes punched in the back. It ties in the back and has a leather loop that slides over the ties so they are unseen. The food capsules are spray painted pen lids, the lightsaber hilt was made from $19 in plumbing parts, it clips to the belt using the hook from a picture frame. 

The hardest part of his costume was the headpiece. Making the montrals and lekku to fit a tiny six year old head- from fabric- is no simple task. I asked a costuming friend for advice and ended up using paper to form a basic 3D pattern for the pieces I would need. This pattern evolved several times through the process. I originally intended to make the piece a standalone item he could just pop on his head, however it wouldn't stay still. He is a yellow belt in taekwondo, and being six he moves a lot when wearing his costume. To solve the head piece falling off issue, I took the lekku and made the back a single piece which was hand stitched to a baseball hat without a bill. Over the top of that I sewed together the montral and  front lekku pieces, then hand stitched those on to the hat base. There was a small gap I left open to fill any empty spaces in the headpiece. Once it was stuffed correctly, I stitched it closed with your basic invisible stitch. The silka beads are just beads I strung and stitched to the top of the piece then later covered with his akul-tooth headdress, which I made from fun foam painted gold and sanded to give texture/ dimension. Later I added a small band across the front of the piece to hold it on to his head. The stripes are painted on by hand with fabric paint. The whole piece once worn isn't overly heavy as it is filled with polyfil, and will stay in place through lots of jumping, swinging, kicking and Jedi dueling.



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