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Intro: Argonian Body Paint

Well, I decided to do an Argonian from Skyrim! It was so much fun but let me just tell you this took me FOREVER! Haha. I painted for about 6 to 7hrs. Worth it! Hope you enjoy, and please check out my youtube page

Step 1: First

I sketched out my look with a white eyeliner. (as always)

Step 2: Lines

Taking a yellow body paint (Mehron) I added a line down the center of my face then drug it to the sides where some big scales will be going.

Step 3: Scales

I took a light green body paint (mixed Mehron paint in yellow, green, and white) and put it on the big scales.

Then I took a darker green body paint (mixed Mehron paint with the same colors just less white) and put it all around the scales.

After I took a lot of different shades of eyeshadow (from BH cosmetics) and shaded all over.

Step 4: Eyebrow Thing?

So I used the light green body paint to fill in the brow.

Step 5: Nose

Next I skipped to the nose and added some more scales that flowed with the top of the head the same way I did the other big scales.

Step 6: Shadowing and Stuff

I took dark greens and blacks to shadow around and ontop of the brow. I took yellow body paint to highlight as well.

Step 7: Back to the Nose

I did so some more detail work on the nose with eye shadow.

Step 8: Nostrils

Then I filled in the nostrils with black body paint. (Mehron)

Step 9: By the Eye

I filled in by the eye with the light green body paint.

Step 10: Eye

Then I used a small brush and black body paint to outline where the eye will go.

Step 11: Highlight

I used yellow body paint to highlight around that section.


I added more scales under the nose the same why I did the others with light green body paint, put dark green body paint around it, then shadow with eyeshadows.

Step 13: NEXT

I filled in the next section with a mix of dark and light green body paint and even some yellow and I drug it with my finger to get a streaky texture.

Step 14: Chin

I filled in the chin with the dark green body paint then I used a brighter green on top. l

Then I went in with more shadows to detail on top.

Step 15: Lips

I took a yellow body paint to fill in where the lips should be.

Step 16: Details

I went around the face with dark green eyeshadow to add more details and also shadow the nose.

Step 17: Eye

Finished the eye by filling it in with white.

Step 18: More Scales

I used the brighter green to add scales on the chin then when around them with the eyeshadow.

Step 19: Stipple

I used a stipple sponge with black body paint on the chin then I used yellow under the eye.

Step 20: Black!

I used black body paint to cover the parts of my face I didn't need.

Step 21: Horns

I used air dry clay to make some horns, then I placed them on my face with spirit gum, then I painted them brown (mehron)

Step 22: Body

I painted my neck and part of my chest with the light green, then I painted the rest with brown. I swirled it around with my brush to give it texture.d

Step 23: Even MORE Details

I painted red on the outside of the brown and I used a stipple sponge with black on the brown.

Step 24: More Details!

I used green eye shadow to bring out some neck lines, then I used a stipple sponge with green and yellow on the green.



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