Arizona Tea Dresser Upgrade




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Being broke in college can certainly bring out the creative gene in you.  Hand me down furniture is not always the way we want it, but beggars can't be choosers. 

I chose to draw a blossoming cherry tree because they are simply gorgeous, and specifically the Arizona Tea brand because I was drinking lots of it.

You will need paint:  Dark brown, hot pink and the mint green in the bottle.
Go to your local do it yourself shop and get the smallest quantitiy of pink and dark brown possible.  I think a quart is the smallest you can buy.  My dresser has four drawers so I purchase a reasonable amount of paint to fix the rest of the drawer.

You want to clean it as best as possible, if splintered you want to glue or sand down any imperfections.  A hammer and nails may be required.

Paint the dresser with a base if you would like.  Paint the entire dresser with the mint green color.  Let dry.  A foam brush works very well with the branches. Use the pointy side of the brush to get the smallest thickness in the branches.  This can be a very tedious task. Let dry.  Add the flowers, making sure they are more or less proportionate.  With a fine brush add the tiny stems inside the flowers,  

You are finished.

I've been holding back from posting this one because I don't have a good picture of the original drawer.  Hope this inspires any projects you may have.



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