Arkham Knight Scarecrow

Introduction: Arkham Knight Scarecrow

About: Hobby: I love science! I love almost avery animal on this small planet. I like to draw and paint, build movie/game props and costumes. Games: I like Assassin's Creed, Grand Theft Auto V, Jurassic Park: ope...

So, I am currently working on two Scarecrows. And I've already made one. Yes I will have three different versions, and planning on more. My first one was the Arkham Asylum one, more will come about that. But for now, Arkham Knight's Scarecrow.

So, the background is that after getting almost killed by Killer Croc, Scarecrow (Aka Jonathan Crane) seeks revenge on, not only the Batman, but Gotham aswell. And to do this he creates the strongest fear gas so far.

I choose this design even though I don't really like it as a Scarecrow. But it is cool anyways!
So, how did I make this one? Well, how am I making it? I started with rough linnen for the mask, building the mouth with layers of cardboard and hot glue. The teeth are cardboard and decoupage, which is a kind of decoration varnish thing that you paint on to make a hard almost glasslike surface.

Then it's pretty much just more hot glue. The lips are hot glue aswell. Then the air filters are made of EVA foam and cardboard aswell.

The needles are cardboard and plastic glitter capsyls that I sawed down to a reasonable size.. The needles themselves are rolled plastic from toy packaging and the tip i BBQ sticks.



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    looks cool! Can't wait till you've got an instructable up!

    How did you make the injectors?

    The needles are a bit oversized, but the gauntlet looks good overall. What's the finished product gonna look like?


    3 years ago

    What type of "cardboard and decoupage" can be carved/moulded/glossed/painted/varnished to give such a resemblance to natural anatomy? Those seem like resin or wax injectors. Please detail each step to avoid misunderstandings.

    Neato diabeto

    This will qualify for the Halloween contests later this year. Consider making some improvements (documenting with photos at each step, for example) to increase your chances of winning. And, like, help other people make it.

    looks good so far but it needs finished and more info