Arm Knitted Merino Wool Blanket

Introduction: Arm Knitted Merino Wool Blanket

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We'll go through each step of making this gorgeous blanket. Usually blankets like these cost hundreds and in some cases exceed £1000!!! But I'll have you knitting it up in a jiffy for a fraction of the price.

You can find the wool roving (aka wool tops) directly from the woollen mill here:

Be sure to felt it up before you begin by watching my other instructable here:

Step 1: Watch the Video


This is a VERY STRETCHY pattern!

54" x 75" but stretches out to 102", (137 x 190 cm but stretches to 259 cm)


3.5 kg of merino wool roving lightly felted (that's 7.7 lbs) Please see my other instructable on how to felt wool roving up into giant yarn.


175 Meters of super chunky yarn (use several strands at a time to get more bulk, but bear in mind it will require more yarn).

Step 2: Cast on 25 Stitches

Do this by arm crocheting a chain 25 (or 26, it's better to have more then less) stitches long.

Pull another stitch through the last chain loop at a 90 degree angle (this will be the first stitch of the next row).

Finish Cast On Row

Pull one loop through each "dash" or bump on the back of the chain (the front of the chain should look like a braid or plait, while the back has bumps). Once you reach the end of the chain and all bumps have loops in them, you've completed the cast on row.

Loops On Arm

Make sure the braid side is facing you and the dash side you've just pulled the loops through is facing away from you. Open each loop up to face you and put your hand through it from the back side of the loop through to the front side of the loop. This will ensure the loops are facing the right direction when you knit them.

Step 3: Knit the Blanket

The pattern for the entire blanket is as follows:

Row 1 (and all rows): Slip 1 stitch, *Purl 1, Knit 1 (repeat from the * until you have one stitch left) Ktbl (knit through the back loops) the last stitch

Continue repeating this row until you have enough yarn left for one more row.

Step 4: Cast Off

You can do this by slipping the first stitch and purling the next.

Drop the back stitch on your arm up over and off the front stitch. You should have one stitch left.

Knit 1 more stitch and follow the above bold direction.

Purl 1 more stitch and follow the above bold direction.

Continue following this pattern until you have only one loop left

Pull the yarn tail through the last loop and weave it into the blanket taking care to hide it nicely along the edge. Do the same with the tail on the cast on row from the beginning.


You should have one gorgeous blanket!

If you'd like to show off your creations you're welcome to email me pictures and I'll display your gorgeous creations on my blog wall here:

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    I have seen videos that were much harder to understand. Thanks for holding your work in the uncomfortable awkward way you did for the camera. I actually think I could do this. Just think--warm comfy blanket in hours instead of weeks.


    Reply 3 years ago

    You're very welcome! And YES you can definately do this, and I bet you'll have a gorgeous masterpiece on your hands when you do get it done.