Arming Boots

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I saw that police has reinforced boots so I made my own more wasteland version of it.I found some scrap metal in my hardware store (shed :D ) and started welding parts together after some bending and adjusting a made it perfect for my boots.

When i finished welding I started working on the edges so I don't get cut while using it, i wanted to paint it black but I didn't had any black paint so i left it unpainted but it looks more apocalyptic this way.

I tested this small piece of machinery on wood, iron, and brick It does some damage but the best part of it it doesn't hurt your leg.It sounds unbelievably but it is, if the main part is wide enough the force of impact will spreed along and it will not hurt you and there is a thick piece of cloth between leg and iron part.

If you are in last stand situation or in a zombie apocalypse it will be useful for defending or just wanna look cool in the apocalypse.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Be aware that this is a type of armor, not a weapon. It's to prevent an opponent from pinning your foot by stepping on the upper top of the arch of the foot where it hits the ankle. Doing so artfully locks the ankle joint making it easy to push or pull the person over. Police riot gear often has this as protection against being pushed down and trampled during riot rituals.

    I've seen people on line trying to use some boot top armor projections as weapons. Don't do this.

    As an offensive weapons these designs present a significant entangling hazard. Normally, on a top foot kick, you bring the leg in on a sideways relatively wide arc into the target but you with draw on a much more shallow arc closer to your bodies midline. This action drives the projections in perpendicular to the the surface of the kicked target but withdraws closer parallel to the surface, which causes the projections to entangle or rip into and trap themselves and your foot.

    They can easily catch on clothing. More gruesomely, don't assume just because the ends of the bolt are blunt that they wont penetrate flesh and snag their. The projections also catch in vegetation, wire etc in the ambient environment.

    (I bitterly regret regret reading books on military medicine some years back. The ugly things we do to each other are exceeded in their horror perhaps only by their surprising effects.)


    4 years ago

    A more simpler version can be made without a welder. Get a handful of roofing nails. Loosen the laces on your boots all the way down. Push the points of the nails through the lace holes from the inside. Put on boots, tighten as needed. Don't forget and try to polish your boots on the back of your legs, ha ha.

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