Army Man Rifle

Introduction: Army Man Rifle

Every Army Man needs a rifle for self defense.  This rifle is one that can be fitted to the Army Man either in action or across the back for carrying and is removable.

You will need about 29" of paracord, 29" of 22 gauge wire, scissors, wire cutters, lighter and ruler.

Step 1: Prepare the Paracord

Cut two pieces of paracord, one 11” and one 18”.  Remove the center strands.  Cut two pieces of 22 gauge wire the same lengths. Use a lighter to melt one end of each paracord outer sheathing and insert the corresponding length of wire in the center. Stretch the paracord along the wire and melt the other end of the paracord sealing the wire inside.

Step 2: Make a Stopper Knot

Tie a stopper knot as shown in the picture and then tighten leaving about 1 - 2” for the gun barrel.

Step 3: Start the Gun Stock

Start the gun stock by making a simple overhand knot about 4" from the end of the 18" piece of paracord.  Place this over the long piece of the barrel, tighten and snug up against the stopper knot.

Step 4: Make the Gun Stock

Continue tying overhand knots in alternating fashion 8 more times.  Then finish with one more overhand knot, pulling the lead towards the top of the barrel.

Step 5: Finish the Gun Stock

Cut the lead to about 1/8” inch from the stock and trim the wire inside.  Melt the end with a lighter and smash down to finish off the gun stock.

Step 6: Make a Handle

Count four loops from the end that was sealed in step 6.  Bend the stock to expose the inside cords.  Pull on the one that is not the barrel of the gun.  Once a sufficient amount to make a loop has been pulled through, close up the gun stock and form a vertical loop.  The lead being pulled should also be the shortest one coming out the end of the gun stock.

Step 7: Finish the Handle

Adjust the loop around the arm of an Army Man so it is big enough to be easily removed.  Cut the short lead pulled in by the loop to 1/8” from the end of the gun.  Trim the wire inside and melt with a lighter.

Step 8: Make a Carrying Strap

Enlarge the last loop on the front of the gun stock using a pencil.  Fold the long lead left coming out of the back of the gun stock toward the front and insert into the loop.  This will form the carrying strap for the gun.  Adjust the size by slinging it over the arm and head of an Army Man.

Step 9: Finish the Carrying Strap

Once the carrying strap is adjusted, cut the excess to 1/8” inch from the gun stock, trim the wire inside, melt with a lighter and flatten.

Step 10: Finish the Barrel

Cut the barrel to about 1” long.  Trim the wire inside.  Melt the end of the barrel, but don’t smash it.  This will give a real gun barrel look with a hole.

Step 11: Done

The finished Army Man Rifle.

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