Army of Darkness Ash Metal Hand




Introduction: Army of Darkness Ash Metal Hand

Have you ever wanted to have a metal hand to complete your AoD ash costume, well prepare yourself to make your own cheap metal hand.

All that you need is:
-Cardboard, or hardpaper (in this case I used estructural cardboard)
-A pen
-some metal scissors or hard scissors (and hard fingers)
-a soft cloth glove (gray color works great, but if you want to tray use a black one with metal spray over it, to give a special effect)
-Silicon glue (cold or hot)
Other things you can use
-Tip Claws
-Chrome tape

Step 1: Let´s Draw

First you need to make a copy of your own hand, so let?s put that hands on work, I mean put your hands over the cardboar and pass the pen over the edges to make a perfec copy of your hand with the fingers opened at max, there is no difference if you copy your left or right hand all of this will be cuted lated so don?t worry about.

"you can use your glove to make the copy but it need to be a perfect fit".

Step 2:

Now you need to make 2ice the copy of the same hand, over the 1st copy of your hand in you are going to make the metal phalanges.
"Remember every finger on your hand has 3 bones or phalanges"
We are going to draw the metal cover of the 1st an the 3th drawing a bone a little bit bigger than the phalange.
(only do this whit the 4 large fingers)
and you are going to graw the cover of the lower part of the hand(making a hole to make freely your thumb)

the thumb is composed by a little oval and a half oval, larger than the thumb.

in the 2nd hand you are going to draw the 2nd phalange and the upper cover of the hand (this is the part where the real glove has the mechanism at the view, I simply draw it :P)

Step 3: Cut It Off

Now here is the fun, maybe you are going to need to use your glove to cut the hard cardboard or you can enjoy the pain on your fingers in to the next day.

After cutting all the parts you can test it over the glove to check the size of the cardboard fingers.

ypu can make 3 copies of the upper part to give some realism in to the mechanism

Step 4: Sticky Fingers

In this part you can use two kind of glue, the hot glue or the cold silicon glue (you cand find it in the cloth stuff stores)

"Warning: do not use the hot silicone when you have your hand inside the glove"

now just asemble the parts over the cloth glove, after assembling the parts wear the glove, and make pressure to fold the borders)

Step 5: Coming Handy

Here is a black glove with the cardboard pieces joined over.

Now let?s finish the job!!!

Step 6: Groovy!!!

Finaly all you need is to make the same procedure making a copy or your rigth arm in the card board (just make a rectangle of the same long with 3 size the wide of your arm) and fold it like a tube.

Give some details over the rectangle to let your arm move freely in the elbow.

Then just paste the arm shield with tape, and give a final texture with the chrome paint in spray.

"Note1:you can use it as well to make metal hand of a berseker manga char
Note 2:you can use fiber glass to make harder your gauntlet"


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