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Introduction: Arokh Papercraft

About: Hi! I am Nathalie. If you like my work, please consider a donation. I like to create papercrafts and make costumes. Please follow and post a nice comment :)! I really appreciate it! Donate link:

Finally Arokh from the game Drakan has come to papercraft! It was pretty hard to get him out of the game, but with a lot of patience it succeeded! You will need Pepakura in order to open the files. Just print, cut and glue him together. You can scale him as big as you want using Pepakura Designer. If you want to let him hang, just grab a needle and string and attach it at the right spot so he is in balance.

>>> Download Drakan-Arokh_Papercraft here <<<

Download Pepakura Designer here:

Adjust your papersize accordingly! The papersize used is A4, so if you are using Letter format you need to change it in Settings->Print and Paper Settings->PaperSize and then rearrange the parts to fit the page.
You can resize the papermodel to your liking by going to the 2D Menu->Change Scale->Scale Factor.
If you don't/do want the fold lines, but want to keep the flaps, go to 2D Menu->Edit Mode->Edge color and then check "Hide Edges Almost Flat" and put the slider all the way to the left (0 Deg.) to hide the fold lines. Slide the slider to the right if you want the foldlines to appear. If you want to keep the fold lines, but want them more transparent: Go to Settings-> Print and Paper-> adjust the ammount of transparancy that you want. (This affects foldlines and flaps).
You can change the texture by going to Settings->Texture Settings and replace the texture with a different one. Use the software to easily see which parts connect to each other.



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    I wanted to make this because I simply love Drakan: order of the flame. It has been a game from my youth and it was the reason I love dragons. It's one of those games that has a special place in my heart. It hasn't been done before as well.

    I know it's been awhile but thanks for this. Underrated game that deserves more love.

    For this case I exported this model using 3D Ripper DX (the Drakan editor didn't work for me).
    Then I went in-game and captured a frame with it. I found out the occuled faces didn't exported out, so I only had half a model (non symmetrical).
    Next I recreated the model with Maya and went back and forth between Pepakura and Maya till I couldn't find any errors anymore.
    Finally I unfolded it into an usable pattern with Pepakura and build it.

    Omg i loved Drakan. Nice to see its not forgotten. Thanks for sharing